Manufacturer working alone due to high turnover

Skilled labor is scarce.

A growing labor shortage means manufacturing businesses have to recruit talent, reduce turnover and make the most of resources to stay ahead. Our strategies can help.

Manufacturing employees reviewing work at a job site

Recognize, reward and retain talent.

It’s not enough to attract skilled labor in a tight market. You also have to keep the talent you already have. An employee experience that helps your workers feel seen, supported, appreciated and awarded helps your business do just that.

Our platform gives you the tools you need to recognize, reward and retain your most valuable employees. As a Maritz Motivation client, you can use it to build engaging programs that strengthen the connections between your business and your employees.

Manufacturing employee pulling piles of boxes

We’ll help you see the solution.

Nearly 70% of manufacturers see the inability to find skilled workers as their top challenge. Our consultants see a way to help your business overcome it.

Work with us, and you can develop employee recruitment and retention programs that are based on behavioral science and informed by global analytics. Our experts can help you address your challenges, make the most of opportunities and identify the best way to separate yourself from the pack.

Manufacturing employee analyzing products

Make manufacturing work more rewarding.

What makes people excited about their work? The standard answers to this question – compensation, benefits, advancement opportunities and job flexibility – are factors that most companies consider. But your manufacturing business can create a competitive advantage with exciting reward offerings.

Partner with us to encourage apprenticeship, support innovation, strengthen employee commitment and increase productivity. Together, we’ll craft a rewards strategy that uses non-cash incentives to attract skilled labor and spark action.

Be a brand that brings people in.

Your business offers exciting employment opportunities in an industry that is rapidly evolving and innovating. But do your future employees know that?

Our in-house creative agency can help you send the right message to recruits. We use behavioral and data science to strengthen your brand, build awareness and deliver effective campaigns. Then we help target your messages to reach the right people at the right time.

Skilled manufacturing employee working with machinery

People are your greatest resource.

Work with us to attract, retain and engage the skilled employees your business needs to move forward in the manufacturing industry. Connect with a team member to learn more about how we can partner together.