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Be the bank people want to work with.

Do more than offer the basic services people need. Give consumers what they really want. We’ll help you differentiate your brand and personalize your approach, so you can attract loyal customers and deliver a banking experience that exceeds their expectations.

Take a fresh approach to acquisition.

As banking becomes commoditized, it’s not enough to have a branch on the corner. Your bank has to create a targeted, strategic and personalized approach that stands out in the market. One that takes a cue from your best customers to bring in new ones.

Use our proven data and behavioral science approach to identify the customers with the highest potential value, reach them with impactful messaging and bring them into a loyal banking relationship. Together, we’ll take customers from their initial deposit into a valuable, diversified portfolio.

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Enhance your customer experience.

The real value in your financial services brand goes beyond interest rates – it’s in the way you serve your customers. Maritz Motivation works with you to build a banking experience that connects with people, meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.

We use behavioral and data science to help you understand your customers, so you can treat them the way they expect to be treated. You’ll be able to send messages that matter to them and reward them in a way that builds loyalty. All so you can foster financial relationships that offer greater returns.

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Satisfied employees create satisfied customers.

Despite the growth of digital banking, financial institutions will always rely on employees to address customers’ needs. Your staff’s commitment ensures shorter wait times, stronger fraud protection, streamlined services and even a friendly smile in the local branch.

Employees ensure that your customers are happy, but only when the employees themselves are happy. That’s why we work to help your business create and maintain a skilled, engaged workforce.

How One Client Uses Data Science to Increase Redemption.

A financial institution was trying to raise the level of enthusiasm their clients had for their loyalty program. In the past, they’d sent several email campaigns about the program, but these messages weren’t having an impact on engagement.

By leveraging data science, we were able to work with them to segment their customers in order to create more targeted messaging, resulting in a 12% increase in redemption overall.

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Choose the right partner.

Understanding employee motivation, customer loyalty and market trends helps us build a strategy that helps your bank stand out. In fact, we’ve been applying groundbreaking behavioral and data science to build relationships – and revenue – in the financial services industry for decades. Use our expertise to engage your employees, increase customer acquisition, drive cross-product adoption, encourage referrals and support retention.

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We’re invested in your success.

Let’s work together to build value into your bank’s brand. Connect with our team to learn how we can build a partnership.