Two employees collaborating on recognition programs

Recognize the potential in people.

Use our recognition programs to highlight the unique capabilities, contributions and accomplishments of your team, and encourage them to achieve peak performance.

Empower your employees

Your staff is looking for connection and purpose. We use behavioral and data science to provide both. Our programs and technology can give your team the tools they need to connect with coworkers, support business success and form the bonds that build your brand.

Working together, we can:

  • Highlight employee efforts that create value
  • Empower staff members to reach their full potential
  • Connect employee ideals with your brand vision
  • Create a company culture that attracts top talent
  • Acknowledge and support productivity
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Turn recognition into results.

Our approach eliminates the need for trial and error by using behavioral science and engagement strategies that are tried and true. When you partner with us, we use proven principles and activations that help you accurately predict and shape employee performance. See some of the behavioral science rules behind our recognition strategies:

  • Shared Identity

    Shared identity connects the employee experience to your company’s purpose and values, instilling a sense of belonging and inspiring commitment and support.

  • Social Rewards

    Social rewards deliver on the human desire for connections with others, activating positive emotions in the brain in the same way a cash gift would.

  • Progress Feedback

    Progress feedback communicates progress on meaningful work, contributing to satisfaction and maintaining momentum.

Two engaged employees

We speak from experience.

Maritz Motivation has been developing employee recognition programs for decades, and we’re far from done. Today, we serve multinational corporations with workforces that span the globe, and our strategic and scientific resources grow with every engagement. So, when we say we’re passionate about motivating the people who matter to your business, we mean it.

Two employees identifying ROI from their recognition platform

Our programs prove themselves.

What is an engaged and productive workforce worth to your business? We can help you calculate the real answer to that question. Our model establishes logical links, factoring customer service scores and employee retention into measurable business growth. By connecting the right data with the right techniques, we can help your business recognize significant ROI.

Speak a universal language.

As markets and businesses connect around the world, your recognition program has to consider cultural factors, value systems and even logistic considerations. That’s why we’ve already made worldwide connections for you. From program design and recognition structures to customer service and fulfillment, we work across borders to ensure your motivation strategy is multinational.

  • Program Design

    Incorporate cultural sensitivities into the program structure.

  • Customer Service

    Offer local contacts to ensure participant needs are promptly met.

  • Recognition Equity

    Ensure the value of your program is consistent across cultures.

  • Relevant Rewards

    What works for one country may not appeal to participants in another.

  • In-Country Fulfillment

    Ensure compliance with local laws, customs, duties and taxes.

  • Cost of Living

    Adjust participant payouts based on key economic indicators.

Get insights tailored to your industry.

Financial Services

Treat your team well.

With a focus on value-based healthcare, the market now sees patients as consumers and healthcare employees as customer service experts. That’s why it’s more important than ever to create programs that emphasize employee training, support, recognition and engagement. Happy employees could lead to healthier patients.

See our findings
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Are your employees checked out?

Happy employees help ensure happy guests. But tough hours, demanding work, fierce competition and high turnover can create a challenge for hospitality brands and their employees. Our programs improve staff morale, encourage employee longevity, build long-term relationships and improve customer satisfaction.

Receptionist cheacking a guest into a hotel

It’s a matter of dollars and sense.

In an industry embracing digital engagement, most customer relationships are built at the branch level by a motivated and committed staff. Our programs support and expand these key customer bonds by supporting onboarding efforts, emphasizing regulatory compliance, limiting turnover and easing the anxieties of potential mergers and acquisitions.

Read the case study
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It’s not just a program. It’s a partnership.

Our strategic service offerings support your business from evaluation and consulting to program design and launch, ensuring an effective recognition program.

  • Program Audit

    Analyze your current recognition program to identify its strengths, recognize opportunities for improvement and ensure it provides the benefit and value you expect.

  • Employee Experience Assessment

    Use key stakeholder interviews and employee feedback to learn more about the best ways to drive employee behaviors and support your business’ goals.

  • Employee Experience Monitoring

    Gather actionable and frequent feedback from employees at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

  • Employee Experience Strategy

    Build a comprehensive strategy to attract top talent, drive engagement and retain the employees most critical to your organization’s success.

  • Employee Visioning Lab

    Experience an interactive lab that helps your business leaders and stakeholders understand prior employee research and design the ideal employee experience.

  • Change Management Toolkit

    Drive enterprise transformation through communications, business readiness, training and talent planning and establish a new set of measurements to evaluate progress.

  • Design Labs

    Collaborate with a master designer to develop recognition programs that engage and motivate desired behaviors while supporting your brand’s purpose and goals.

Encourage success.

With the right recognition program, you can support your staff and grow your business. Let’s get started.