Employees collaborating on creating a strong business culture

Shape your company’s future.

A strong business culture is more than a perk. It has the power to attract new talent, encourage productivity, support retention and position your brand for lasting success.

Bridge the gap between generations.

From entry level to executive positions, your workforce likely represents as many as four generations – each with distinct goals, values, attitudes and behaviors. If you want to create a culture that supports every employee, you need a flexible approach that uses rewards and recognition in relevant ways.

  • Baby Boomers

    ● Base their identity on their occupation
    ● Prefer on-site, traditional office spaces
    ● Goal-oriented
    ● Work toward higher titles and pay
    ● Desire learning and growth opportunities

  • Generation X

    ● Seek work/life balance
    ● Believe a solid resume creates job security
    ● Continually focus on self improvement
    ● Prefer to work independently
    ● Enjoy the spotlight

  • Millennials

    ● Enjoy collaboration
    ● Work seamlessly with technology
    ● Seek out creative challenges
    ● Want a flexible environment
    ● Desire tangible rewards and experiences

  • Generation Z

    ● Use technology to enhance peer relationships
    ● Prefer in-person recognition and feedback
    ● Expect diversity in the workplace
    ● Crave learning opportunities
    ● Offer new approaches to revitalize culture

Motivation employees brainstorming innovative culture ideas

We’re leading the way.

Shaping culture requires a focus on innovation, but it also takes a personal touch. That’s why our experts monitor global trends and local markets. We consider your big brand goals as well as the needs of key staff members. We blend behavioral and data science with meaningful discussions – all to craft a powerful, purpose-driven employee experience.

Don’t rely on convention or customs.

Our approach to employee experience and culture has evolved with experience. Tap into our behavioral and data science to drive change and build a positive culture for your business.

  • Program Audit

    Analyze your current program to identify its strengths, recognize opportunities for improvement and ensure it provides the benefit and value you expect.

  • Employee Experience Assessment

    Use key stakeholder interviews and employee feedback to learn more about the best ways to drive employee behaviors and support your business’ goals.

  • Employee Experience Monitoring

    Gather actionable and frequent feedback from employees at every state of the employee lifecycle.

  • Employee Experience Strategy

    Build a comprehensive strategy to attract top talent, drive engagement and retain the employees most critical to your organization’s success.

  • Employee Visioning Lab

    Experience an interactive lab that helps your business leaders and stakeholders understand prior employee research and design the ideal employee experience.

  • Change Management Toolkit

    Drive enterprise transformation through communications, business readiness, training and talent planning and establish a new set of measurements to evaluate progress.

  • Design Labs

    Collaborate with a master designer to develop incentive programs that engage and motivate desired behaviors while supporting your brand’s purpose and goals.

Employees collaborating to solve culture challenges

Create a culture of success.

A positive environment supports a productive workforce. We can help you with both. Fill out the form to connect with our team to see how we can work together to improve your culture.