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Targeted Messages Lead to 12% Redemption Increase

See how we helped one client apply data science to enhance their program communications and boost reward redemption by 12%.

The Challenge

Our financial services client was excited about their loyalty program, but their customers didn’t share the same enthusiasm. They sent program emails to their wide base of customers showcasing various rewards options, but these messages weren’t making a big enough impact on engagement.

How could our client revamp communications to get people pumped about their rewards program? As experts in data and behavioral science, we delivered actionable insights.

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Insights for Case Study

The Insight

We knew standard rewards wouldn’t stand out to our client’s diverse customer base. In order to deliver personalized content that participants could connect with, we needed to first identify key customer segments based on demographics and points balance.

Our experts took a deep dive into program data to define three unique groups, (the Silver, the Gold and the Platinum), and then selected relevant rewards based on their perceived interests.

We then launched a creative campaign that featured the curated collections, applying the principle of simplicity to craft targeted display banners. Our “Home Office” concept used images and messaging that appealed to each audience and captured participants’ attention.

Behavioral Science Principles Applied

  • Simplicity

    The Simplicity principle ensures that the brain attaches positive emotions to messaging that's easy to process.

    In this program, we used this principle to effectively resonate with participants and capture their attention through personalized images and messaging.

The Result

Our data-driven approach sparked action that resulted in a spike in engagement activity. After the Home Office campaign, engagement in participants increased by 5%, resulting in a 12% increase in redemption overall.

Narrowing our focus on specific participants allowed us to deliver a personalized rewards experience that created a deeper connection between our client and their most loyal customers.

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