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Industrial Supply Company Builds Channel Loyalty

See how we helped a supply and equipment provider use data science and strategic segmentation to create a dynamic loyalty experience for channel partners.

The Challenge

A premier industrial supply and equipment provider already knew the importance of a strong channel loyalty program. However, a wide range of ordering patterns and varying product demand made it hard for the business to identify the most effective initiatives.

The Fortune 500 brand assigned a dozen internal analysts to the task of evaluating financial and program data. Their team successfully determined the overall financial values of channel customers. But they needed to know more about the best ways to reach their channel partners.

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Insights for Case Study

The Insight

Our data scientists took a fresh approach to the company’s analytics, using behavioral and data science to develop an Importance Matrix. We applied this algorithm to evaluate sales variables and determine the largest drivers of value.

We discovered the frequency and breadth of purchases could help us predict sales behaviors. Higher values in either case indicated stronger loyalty and revealed the partners who would struggle to switch away from the brand’s products. We saw a greater dimension of detail in the data and identified unique groups that could be targeted with strategic – and effective – incentives.

The Results

We helped our client see beyond the sales figures and uncover new steps to success. They abandoned a one-size-fits-all approach and used strategic segmentation to personalize a dynamic loyalty experience for their channel partners.

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