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Findlay Cadillac Drives Internet Sales

An automotive client used virtual coaching to find hidden opportunities within their CRM that improved lead handling processes and overall performance.

The Challenge

Findlay Cadillac is one of the largest stores in the Cadillac West Region. Our team found instances that highlighted the issues in the lead handling process that were being overlooked. Their challenges were similar to every dealership’s challenge – salespeople wanted to be out selling, rather than replying to emails.

Their assigned coach advised them on how critical the first digital touchpoints are in a car sale journey, illustrating how incomplete, inconsistent, late or unprofessional communication could have a drastic negative affect on their overall sales.

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Insights for Case Study

The Insight

The Maritz Automotive team, who are previous dealership employees that have experience working with hundreds of dealers’ CRMs, diagnosed some of the key issues. Our team dedicated to Findlay Cadillac entered into the CRM and found instances and examples of some of the issues in lead handling and processes that were being overlooked. We then went on to shoot easily-digestible short videos for the staff to consume on-demand that dove into their own CRM to illustrate issues and opportunities.

Assessments were also provided to create benchmarks and scorecards that identified opportunities and created action plans. This allowed the staff and manager to understand and recognize the issues and implement the recommended changes.

Processes were improved to reduce response times and enhance quality. Special priority was given to requesting appointments, as well as calling before appointments to confirm them.

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Virtual Coaching Can Make a Difference at Your Dealership.

Could your dealership benefit from an expert reviewing their CRM on a consistent basis looking for opportunities for growth? Let’s talk.