My Reward Story: Creating Moments that Matter

When designing and implementing reward programs, it’s easy to get caught up in the transactional – rational – elements of a program. We focus on the behaviors we’re trying to incent – selling more products, recognizing co-workers, increasing hotel stays. And it’s easy to forget that reward programs are really all about creating experiences that evoke positive emotions in people. If people have a great experience in a program and really enjoy their reward, the behaviors will follow, and there will be a positive reflection on the sponsor company’s brand.

Recently we were reminded about the power of rewards. Shawn Buchanan is a grand prize winner in our My Reward Story contest. Last month, we asked the people who earn points in our client’s programs to share their reward stories. Here’s what he wrote:

“The Xbox That Saved Christmas”

Twas the month before Christmas and dad had to be Santa for the 6th year straight. Dad’s twin daughters were excited and they knew “Santa” would come through and save Christmas yet again. The only problem was that dad had a lot of bills and the gifts started seeming more expensive every day. Thanks to Comcast, dad was able to sell, sell, sell and earn points for the most special gift that any set of twins can ask for – an XBOX ONE! Dad was the hero again and his twins were estastic. -Dad.

comcast twins

Our other grand prize winner is Frankie Morrison, a sales consultant at King Cadillac Buick GMC. Frankie shared a story he titled, “Lucky Luke” about how his reward site had just what he was looking for.

One Christmas not long ago, I surprised my fiancée with a Chocolate Lab puppy. We named him Luke. Luke soon grew to about 80 pounds. Labradors have high energy and need exercise. We soon married and both work so we had to come up with an idea so that he wouldn’t have to stay in a kennel all day. Our friends suggested a system called PETSAFE. It’s a wireless fence system. Sure enough we found it in the Rewards catalog. Luke gets to play outside all day and we have peace of mind that he’s safe.

GMC Puppy

We also heard from people who redeemed for once-in-a-lifetime trips, or expensive items they felt too guilty to buy with their own money – but became a real treat because they used points they had earned! Take Erin Blutt, a sales consultant with Perfectly Posh. Every time she uses her MacBook Pro she remembers how she earned her points:

Perfectly posh erin

Rewarded to PAMPER

I LOVE my MacBook Pro. I am a tech-geek-girl at heart, but a MacBook was out of our family of 5’s budget.  My 3 boys are eating us out of house and home somedays, it seems.  Not only do I get paid to pamper, but because of a lot of hard work on my part, and a team that ROCKS, I was able to save up and get this baby FREE.  I use my MacBook in my daily life, and it makes me so happy, because it reminds me that hard work pays off, in more than one way. Ordering was easy peasy.

People told us about boats and blenders, drones and fitbits and even Disney vacations! Some people took the opportunity to redeem points to help someone less fortunate. That’s what Cindy Gordon did:

cindy gordon

Helping Others

“I enjoy being able to help others with my points. There are a lot of great charities on the page and it makes me feel great that my hard work is being rewarded to help others that are not as fortunate as me.  Seeing that gift on my statement reminds me to stay humble and give back where you can.”

 All though everyone’s story is slightly different – because people are different – these stories all have something in common. People in reward programs love to earn points and love to redeem for things that are meaningful to themselves, their families or for others. And people who earn points take pride in their work and the company that sponsors their program. Rewards really do make people feel REWARDED!

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