What’s Your Organization’s Engagement Potential?

Employee engagement is a well-accepted Key Performance Indicator of thriving organizations. Unfortunately, global employee engagement is at an alarming low, costing employers billions of dollars per year. That’s why Maritz Motivation Solutions launched the Engagement Potential Index (EPI), a new and innovative assessment for executives and HR practitioners to understand how their culture is wired to boost engagement and to compare their potential against industry benchmarks.

Here’s how it works:

Using the EPI, leaders can work to identify areas for improvement, develop a custom roadmap for the success of engagement programs; as well as benchmark and measure progress. Maritz produces a custom report based on how the responses on engagement and culture factor against those of other organizations. That assessment will produce your EPI score and trigger a custom report on how your organization stacks up on engagement potential along with personalized recommendations on how to improve your EPI score over time:

The EPI is based on the Maritz CultureNext Global Employee Engagement Model, developed in partnership with the Employee Engagement Awards and crowdsourced input from HR practitioners, senior leaders, and leading experts in engagement around the world. The EPI measures against the model’s seven “enablers” that affect culture and engagement:

The benchmarks applied in the EPI analysis and reports are based on Maritz’s 2016 study of more than 2,000 companies in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The EPI benchmarks on the scores and variables are updated regularly.

The EPI ranks culture in four levels:

  • Level 0.0: Compliance-Based Culture — Little to no focus on engagement, with focus on compliance with rules and procedures.  
  • Level 1.0: Exchange-Dependent Culture — Primary focus on what is contributed and the associated rewards produces a competitive, exchange-dependent culture with little focus on engagement.
  • Level 2.0: Values-Guided Culture — The additional focus of how contributions are made on top of what is achieved creates a culture based on guiding values with a moderate investment in engagement.
  • Level 3.0: Purpose-Driven Culture — Extending the focus to why the company exists, beyond profit, in addition to how and what is produced fosters a culture where employees are engaged and working toward shared goals together.

For more information, read the press release announcing the EPI or give the free, online assessment a try to get your EPI score and tailored recommendations today.

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