This Week in Employee Engagement: October 8, 2017

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What We’re Reading This Week:

5 Things You Must Look for in Your Next Job — In this article from Forbes, discover what women in middle management say are the most important factors to a happy workplace, from flexibility to a culture of sisterhood and an empathetic approach to management.

What Science Says About Identifying High-Potential Employees — Scientific studies have supported the idea that investing in the right people maximizes the organization’s returns. In this article from Harvard Business Review, dive into the science behind retaining top performers and how your organization will benefit from keeping employees engaged.

How to Create a Culture Where the Best Ideas Win — Learn from the COO of Amerisleep in Forbes how to foster a culture of innovation, where the best ideas have a chance to be heard and implemented, no matter who or where they stem from — with tips like flattening hierarchy when it comes to innovation, systematizing ideation, and allowing room for personality.

How Giving Employees a Say in Their Work Schedule Can Make a Difference — Go behind the scenes of the benefits of giving employees autonomy over their schedules with one employer who did just that in this article from Talent Culture.

Forming Stronger Bonds with People at Work — Studies have shown that people who have friends at work are happier, more engaged, and more productive. But how can organizations and individuals foster those connections between coworkers? In this article from Harvard Business Review, the authors make the case that compassion is key and give a roadmap for forging stronger bonds with the people we spend our time with everyday.

From CultureNext:

Maritz Motivation Solutions and SnapLogic Partner to Deliver Integrated, Real-Time Employee Engagement Programs — Exciting news from CultureNext! Our engagement platform is now partnered with self-service application and data integration leader SnapLogic to offer real-time integration with HR and employee information systems. That means our platform will connect seamlessly and in real-time to employee data anywhere in the organization, where from HR information systems such as Workday or employee communication and collaboration applications like Slack and others. Read more.

Maritz Motivation Solutions Celebrates 50 Year Service Anniversary of Loyal Employee — Congratulations and thank you to Betty McCormick for 50 years with Maritz! At a time when most people stay in the current roles for just a few years, Betty just became the most tenured full-time employee at Maritz.

Webinar: Employee Engagement and Recognition Benchmarks — How do your engagement and recognition programs stack up within your industry? Join us for this live webinar, where Chris Winkelspecht, Ph.D. of Maritz Motivation Solutions and Recognition Professionals International (RPI) will share key takeaways from our most recent research study, how to use benchmarks to gauge success of programs, and tips for improving your engagement strategy.

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