This Week in Employee Engagement: November 17, 2017

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From CultureNext:

Maritz Named Finalist in 2017 UK & European Employee Engagement Awards — Our team is thrilled to be included as a finalist for the Employee Engagement Vendor of the Year Award from the UK & European EE Awards! To learn more, visit the EE Awards site.

Ebook: From Data to Direction — Simple recognition and rewards can no longer be considered true employee engagement. Today’s obstacles for a more mature and complex industry include creating a culture of purpose and using the meaningful data needed to maintain it Download this ebook to learn: The three key challenges facing the employee engagement market, the roots of those challenges and how they impact engagement, and several useful approaches based in behavioral and motivational science for constructing a comprehensive, data-driven global solution.

4 Ways to Give Back as a Team this Thanksgiving —  We’re now in the season of giving and it feels great to give back together. Get some inspiration with four ways you can support your team’s work in your community! Meaning at work and giving back together could boost engagement within your team for the holidays — which just might be the greatest gift of all!

Maritz Motivation Solutions Lists Top Reward Redemptions for the 2017 Holidays — According to a new Maritz study, 54% of consumers use loyalty programs to gift during the holidays and 8% use reward points exclusively for gifts. Maritz also identifies the most popular products for rewards redemptions, revealing electronics, toys, home and outdoor goods, and fashion merchandise were the top categories.

Dornfeld Hired to Leadership Position at Maritz — Maritz Motivation Solutions welcomes former President and co-founder of Bonfyre — Chris Dornfeld — to lead employee engagement solution at CultureNext! Read more in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch or in the official press release.

Introducing the Essential Engagement Measure: The Engagement Potential IndexDo you understand how your culture is wired to support or boost engagement? Get more insight with this innovative assessment to understand your organization’s engagement potential. After you take this free assessment, you’ll get instant insights: A customized report with your organization’s Engagement Potential Score, a comparative report of where you stack up against industry benchmarks for engagement enablers, and a tailored set of recommendations on how you can improve your score over time.

ICYMI! 5 Ways to Show Your Team Gratitude — With the holidays fast-approaching, finding ways to show gratitude within our teams is important. Not forcing those holiday displays of gratitude, but finding real, meaningful ways to celebrate the coming year’s end and all of the work we have accomplished together. Read this article for five tips on showing your team how grateful you are for their contributions to the team and the organization.

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