This Week in Employee Engagement: November 13, 2017

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What We’re Reading This Week:

How We Nudged Employees to Embrace Flexibility at Work — Flexible work options may be more available than ever, but getting widespread adoption is still difficult. In this article from Harvard Business Review, learn how social norms, staff perceptions of manager acceptance, and individual habits play a role in the utilization of flexible work policies — and three interventions leaders can take to encourage adoption.

A Study of 1,100 Employees Found That Remote Workers Feel Shunned and Left Out — Telecommuting may be part of the future of work, but a new study shows remote workers don’t feel as connected to culture and community in their workplaces. Those who reported working remotely said they feel their colleagues don’t treat them equally, have difficulty working through and with others, and experience more pervasive and confusing office politics. As a result, remote employees report larger impacts on their productivity, morale, stress and likelihood to remain with their organization.

How Paid Family Leave Helps Employers Win the Fight for Top Talent — A recent survey showed 74 percent of employers hope to offer paid family leave to employees within the next five years. Proactively offering PFL can reinforce support for family-friendly values within the organization and offer support to employees who are also caregivers at home.

Are You Letting Unwritten Rules Shape Your Culture? — Organizations with “unlimited paid time off” policies commonly allow unwritten rules and expectations define the appropriate amount of vacation for a year. While it doesn’t sound as promising initially, offering a set number of days for paid vacation helps to set clear expectations. This — and other examples — shows the power of unwritten rules in the organization, and how they shape the expectations within.


From CultureNext:

Webinar: The Current State of Employee Engagement — In a webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 3 p.m. EST with Human Capital Institute, Chris Winkelspecht, Ph.D., director of strategic services for CultureNext, will address the three primary obstacles to constructing a global engagement solution in 2017:

  • No definitive modern model for global employee engagement. How to respond to radical demographic, multicultural, and technological changes in the workplace?
  • HR is drowning in data. Tons of useful data, but how does an HR professional even begin to analyze and act on it?
  • HR technology is struggling to keeping pace with workplace motivation and decision science.Where is the clear line of sight between the investment in employee engagement programs and measurable, real-world business impact?

To learn more, RSVP for the webinar, download the corresponding e-book — “From Data to Direction” — or review the press release from CultureNext.

ICYMI! 5 Ways to Show Your Team Gratitude — With the holidays fast-approaching, finding ways to show gratitude within our teams is important. Not forcing those holiday displays of gratitude, but finding real, meaningful ways to celebrate the coming year’s end and all of the work we have accomplished together. Read this article for five tips on showing your team how grateful you are for their contributions to the team and the organization.

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