This Week in Employee Engagement: March 31, 2017

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What We’re Reading This Week:

3 Tips for Building Employee Engagement with Remote Workers — According to Gallup, 37 percent of U.S. workforce reports telecommuting in their current role. While remote workers are not as exposed to the physical culture of an organization, this article on Forbes has a few tips for leaders looking to inspire and engage remote workers.

Trust is What Makes Digital Workplaces Successful In another response to the release of Gallup’s State of the American Workplace, this article from HR Zone highlights fostering trust as the key to the level of engagement of remote workers.

How Engaged Employees Print Money  In this video of a recorded session from DisruptHR on TLNT, Elizabeth Friedland discusses three reasons — increased productivity, lower health insurance premiums, and reduced recruiting expenses — to highlight the need for a focus on engagement, along with tips to get started with addressing low engagement.

10 Heartwarming Employee Stories & the 2017 Companies That Care — Great Place to Work launches the 50 Companies that Care with 10 heartwarming stories from inside workplace cultures employees find rewarding and compassionate.

From CultureNext:

Is Your Organization the Next EE Awards Company of the Year? — This year’s North American Employee Engagement Awards are special to us. While this show is always rewarding (pun intended) — this year, we’re sponsoring an award near and dear to our hearts: The Company of the Year. This award will recognize the organization with the most compelling and holistic approach to addressing engagement and meaningful work. The award entry deadline is April 7, so don’t delay — enter today!

A Global Employee Engagement Model Fit for the Hospitality Sector — Discover a crowdsourced, flexible, and global model for addressing engagement in this EE Model from Maritz Institute, EE Awards and CultureNext. This article specifically relates the model to the hospitality sector, but the insights shared have universal applicability.

Choosing a Change Management Model — We’ve been blogging about change management for the last couple of months — first discussing the impact of a “growth mindset,” then outlining the five elements to an effective change message. In this latest article in the series, we discuss choosing the right model to manage change within your organization.

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