This Week in Employee Engagement: July 14, 2017

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What We’re Reading This Week:

Another Key Uber Employee Leaves the Embattled Tech CompanyAnother disgruntled former employee is speaking out against the toxic culture at Uber. The trend of high-ranking employees leaving a bulwark of the new gig economy has culture experts observing the organization’s trending exodus. In this video from Fortune, learn why employees are leaving the culture and leadership of Uber for what they hope will be greener pastures.

Generation Z is Coming and They’ll Be Changing Your Culture Forever — Generation Z has begun their entrance into the workplace and this article from TLNT discusses the shift to organizational culture they’re bringing with them.

6 Surprising Insights of Successful Employee Engagement — Leaders are grasping the importance of employee engagement as a critical component of organizational success. In this article from Fast Company, dive into six things you may not know about employee engagement and its hidden impact on the world of work.

From CultureNext:

Culture Corner: Julie’s Commitment to Giving BackGo behind the scenes of our award-winning culture here at Maritz with a look at Julie’s experience giving back to Patrick Henry Downtown Academy through We Learn Together.

Maritz Study Highlights Achievements, Opportunities in Employee Recognition — Our latest study revealed there are hidden opportunities to improve engagement. In this coverage from Incentive Magazine, dive into the key highlights of the study and learn what can make the difference between high-performing programs and those that aren’t delivering results for organizations today.

Recognition Programs ‘Effective’ in Driving Employee Engagement — In this article from Incentive and Motivation, more highlights from the CultureNext Employee Engagement and Recognition Benchmark Study with a fresh perspective on the findings.

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