This Week in Employee Engagement: December 1, 2017

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What We’re Reading This Week:

Parents’ Biggest Workplace Concerns Might Not Be What You Think — In creating a more inclusive workplace, parents are one group needing consideration. Family needs evolve and workplace policies are evolving as well. This article from Great Place to Work will inspire leaders to direct the dedication of parents to leadership and to better retain talent by investing in employees at all stages of their lives.

Creating Employee Empowerment By Saying Yes — It feels so good to say yes, many an article have been written about how to say no. But saying “no” can become just as much of a habit and, in this article, Meghan M. Biro makes the case that saying “yes” is an important part of maintaining a positive office culture and putting employees first.

HR’s Next Steps: Having a Dialogue With the Data — This article is part of a series from the CIPD Analytics Conference on HR Zone and highlights how HR professionals are getting more from their data. How can HR analytics provide a service to the business? Learn more in this overview.

4 Ways to Get Honest, Critical Feedback from Your Employees — Frequent feedback between peers and managers is in focus in today’s workplace. Providing effective critical feedback in a manager/direct report is already difficult enough to warrant its fair share of supportive content — for example: how-to’s, conversation templates, and structured performance reviews. However, inviting employees to push back and give honest, critical feedback has more to do with creating an environment of trust and transparency than any template for conversation could address. In this article from Harvard Business Review, get five tips on how to foster a two-way-street culture of feedback between employees and leadership.

From CultureNext:

Maritz Motivation Solutions Named Motivation Masters Finalist by Incentive Magazine — This year’s 9th Annual Motivation Masters Awards from Incentive Magazine recognized Maritz Motivation Solutions as a finalist in the Recognition and Engagement category. We are proud of the work our team has done this year and grateful to our clients for the opportunity to make their organizations better places to work, together.

Webinar On Demand: The Current State of Employee Engagement – Three Primary Challenges Facing the Industry — HR professionals have reached and passed the point where simple recognition and reward could be considered true employee engagement. Today, a more mature and complex industry faces significant obstacles to creating a culture of purpose and extracting and analyzing the meaningful data needed to maintain it. Learn the three key challenges facing employee engagement today and useful approaches for constructing a comprehensive, new-generation, data-driven, and outcomes-based solution in this free, recorded webinar.

ICYMI! Ebook: From Data to Direction — Simple recognition and rewards can no longer be considered true employee engagement. Today’s obstacles for a more mature and complex industry include creating a culture of purpose and using the meaningful data needed to maintain it Download this ebook to learn: The three key challenges facing the employee engagement market, the roots of those challenges and how they impact engagement, and several useful approaches based in behavioral and motivational science for constructing a comprehensive, data-driven global solution.

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