This Week in Employee Engagement: Anniversary Edition

This is Week No. 52 of our weekly roundup series and we wanted to celebrate by focusing on celebrating anniversaries in this week’s roundup! Thank you for reading and sharing the series for the past year. If you have any feedback or thoughts to share on how we can improve This Week in Employee Engagement, please leave a comment and we will follow up!


Special Week No. 52 Anniversary Edition:

Employee Anniversary Recognition That Works Would you feel recognized if HR automated an anniversary gift to be sent to every employee on their special day every year? How special of a day would it really be to receive a gift set to a timer, rather than a personal gesture? In this book excerpt, learn how leaders can make celebrating milestones meaningful for employees again.

The Future of Service Awards — 83 percent of companies leverage milestone recognition programs; however, it isn’t enough for service award programs to simply exist. In this article, learn the five questions every leader should be asking to determine whether their service award program meets best practices.

How to Make a Work Anniversary Meaningful — This article shares helpful tips like making recognition personal and meaningful through highlighting specific personal achievements and progress for each employee celebrating a milestone. Take the time to take an inventory of the employee’s contributions to the team and celebrate the work they do as well as how long they’ve been doing that work for your organization.

Service Anniversary Awards Miss the Mark with Millennials — Many service anniversary programs begin with a celebration of the fifth year — but average Millennial tenure with an organization is 2.3 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In this article from SHRM, learn why leaders are challenged with innovating within their milestone recognition programs to keep Millennials engaged.

Time to Revitalize Service Awards? — Researchers have found milestone recognition programs have a strong causal impact on key engagement metrics like length of tenure, sense of belonging and positive feelings toward the organization. In this article, you’ll learn some tips for revitalizing and breathing new life into a stale service award program that is no longer doing the work of engaging employees.

Speaking of celebration and awards — don’t miss the Annual EE Awards and Conference! — Join Maritz Motivation Solutions at the 4th Annual North American EE Awards and Conference in Chicago, Illinois! The entry deadline to enter for consideration in the Employee Engagement Awards is April 13. Don’t miss this opportunity to be recognized for your organization’s commitment to your most valuable asset — your people!

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