Webinar: The Current State of Employee Engagement

Gone are the days when businesses needed to be convinced of the value of employee engagement programs. Also gone are the days when simple rewards and recognition were considered a more or less complete engagement program.

Today, the industry is more mature and complex, with a much wider focus and a new set of challenges for HR professionals. In an upcoming webinar with Human Capital Institute, Chris Winkelspecht, Ph.D., director of strategic services for CultureNext by Maritz Motivation Solutions, will address the three primary obstacles to constructing a global engagement solution in 2017:

  • No definitive modern model for global employee engagement. How to respond to radical demographic, multicultural, and technological changes in the workplace?
  • HR is drowning in data. Tons of useful data, but how does an HR professional even begin to analyze and act on it?
  • HR technology is struggling to keeping pace with workplace motivation and decision science. Where is the clear line of sight between the investment in employee engagement programs and measurable, real-world business impact?

Please RSVP to attend this webinar one-hour webinar on Tuesday, November 14 at 3 PM EST. We’ll discuss turning these challenges into opportunities and offer approaches based in behavioral and motivational science to building a new-generation, data-driven, outcomes-based engagement solution.

In the meantime, download the corresponding ebook: From Data to Direction: Defining an Employee Engagement Platform for a Modern Workforce. 

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