Top 10 Employee Engagement Blog Posts of 2017

The end of each year is a time to take stock in where we have been and where we’re going. 2017 has come and (is almost) gone — so it’s time to take stock in where we’ve been this year in employee engagement.

Our Employee Engagement team shared many insights, suggestions, strategies, and findings on employee engagement, company culture, and workforce recognition. As we reflect back, we wanted to share ten of our favorite blog posts from 2017:

10 Employee Engagement Blog Posts You Need to Read from 2017

employee engagement trends#1. Three Employee Engagement Trends for 2017 — At the start of 2017, we launched an e-book on the top trends to expect in the field of employee engagement for the year. We worked together with industry influencers, well-known advisors and engagement experts to make 13 total predictions. Check out the e-book now to determine where 2017 met industry expectations and keep the discussion going about what 2018 will bring!



Future of Service Awards#2. The Future of Service Awards — Most organizations — 83 percent — leverage milestone recognition programs. However, it isn’t enough for service award programs to simply exist. Milestone programs are only as good as organizational leaders’ commitment to acknowledge tenure in a meaningful way. While your organization likely already has a service award program in place, it may be time to give it another look and ask if it’s time to revitalize that program to improve engagement.


#3. 5 Elements of an Effective Change Management Message — As one post in a series of three (see #4), we wrote about how a growth mindset can impact the effectiveness of your change management message. A growth mindset, for example, allows room for transformation and change, while a fixed mindset involves avoiding risk for fear of failure and inadequacy. When communicating new initiatives to your team, consider the impact of appropriateness, valence, and efficacy as three of the five elements of an effective change message.


 change management#4. Choosing a Change Management Model — Earlier this year, Maritz Motivation Solutions’ Chris Winklespecht wrote a series on change management, beginning with the topics of growth mindset and 5 elements of an effective change management message. In the final post of the series, Chris highlights three different change management models and how each model suits different organizational needs.



seven dimensions#5. Seven Dimensions of Engagement Impacting Your Employee Experience — Hundreds of models exist to facilitate the work of improving employee engagement, but most models fall under the category of “top-down” academic approaches. Maritz Motivation Solutions and the Employee Engagement Awards set out to define a new model with crowdsourced input from around the world. With feedback from HR practitioners, senior leaders, academics and global experts in engagement, the result is a flexible framework of seven dimensions of employee engagement.


employee experience#6. Uber, United and the Importance of the Employee Experience — Organizations Uber and United made headlines in 2017 for what employees reported to be toxic cultures that led to famously bad customer experiences. Using these two examples, dive into the connection between employee engagement and customer satisfaction — the notion that employees who are taken care of will respond by taking care of customers.



generation z#7. What to Expect from New Generation Z Workers: In the Eyes of a Gen Z — There are now five generations working side-by-side in the American workforce. Generation Z is made up of those born between 1996 and 2010 — and within a decade, this group will represent 1 in 5 workers. The time to work to understand the youngest generation entering the workforce is now.



communication#8. 5 Tips for Effective Communication in the Workplace“Communication is key” may well be a workplace cliché by now, but effective workplace communication doesn’t often come naturally. It takes effort. In this article, we share five tips for collaboration and communication that can support teams and direct report relationships at work.



recognition from robots#9. Alexa, Compliment Me: Recognition from Robots — Amazon’s voice control system Alexa began offering compliments as one of its many features, which sparked a conversation about how Alexa can make someone feel appreciated — when their efforts at work go unnoticed, when their families are too busy to be grateful, etc. But compliments are not recognition. In this article, we outline the differences between compliments and recognition and explain why AI won’t be automating recognition entirely anytime soon.


hot desking#10. Read This Before “Hot Desking” — In a new trend, some organizations are skipping assigned workspaces and inviting employees to play a version of “musical chairs” when they arrive at work each day. In this article, we cover the three different types of hot desking, pros and cons, and three major considerations for organizations before venturing into uncharted territory.



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