This Week in Employee Engagement: May 4, 2018

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What We’re Reading This Week:

An Executive’s Guide to AI — Staying ahead in the accelerating artificial intelligence race requires executives to make nimble, informed decisions about where and how to employ AI in their business. One way to prepare to act quickly: know the AI essentials presented in this guide.

2018 – The Year of the Employee — The Worldcom Confidence Index (CI) is a new report highlighting the impending battle for talent that will really start to put employee engagement and employee experience front and center. This thought-provoking global report covers the issues CEOs and CMOs think will most influence success. Complete a short form for a free copy.

Listen: Dr. Kyra Bobinet on Creating Healthy WorkplacesListen to this interesting talk between Jeff Kreisler, editor of and Author of Dollars And Cents, and Dr. Kyra Bobinet, Founder & CEO of engagedIN. The two recently spoke at the Habit Summit in San Francisco about oxytocin, using science to create a healthy and productive workplace, the difference between neuroscience and behavioral science, and getting institutional buy-in for behavioral changes. Turn up your volume and listen now.

From CultureNext:

Webinar on Demand: Employee Experience Monitoring Learn how to gain actionable insights through engagement surveys, communications and analytics. Kristina Glynn from Maritz Motivation Solutions presented alongside Jason Macedonia from MaritzCX.

3 Challenges, 1 Solution: Tackling Employee Engagement — Chris Dornfeld, VP and general manager, employee engagement solutions, provides one solution to the three key challenges facing the employee engagement market today. But be forewarned if you’re hoping for a magic bullet: “Effective employee engagement is much more discipline than art. There’s nothing magical about it.”

4th Annual Employee Engagement Awards (EE Awards) Are Just Around the Corner — Maritz Motivation Solutions proudly sponsors this June 7th conference, which will inspire and educate people to remake the way organizations think about and engage people to achieve their purpose. There will be a panel session entitled, “PeopleScience Table Talk: Want to Spark More Innovation? Give Employees the Gift of Time.” The panel will include Jeff Kreisler (editor, PeopleScience), Darren Levine, (manager, Innovation and Research Unit, Commissioner’s Office, Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario, Canada), Ashley Whillans, Ph.D. (assistant professor of business administration, Harvard Business School) and Charlotte Blank (chief behavioral officer, Maritz). The Employee Engagement Awards provides an independent platform to recognize excellence in engagement that inspires action and drives the industry and the employee experience forward.

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