This Week in Employee Engagement: May 25, 2018

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From CultureNext:

Carnival Explains the True Meaning of PartnershipWatch our video to hear David Klein, director of talent, learning and organizational development for Carnival, describe what a difference having a partnership with Maritz has made to the lives of his employees.

Don’t Miss the Upcoming Employee Engagement Awards In Chicago Maritz Motivation Solutions is the headline sponsor for the Employee Engagement Awards & Conference on June 7. You can purchase tickets for 50% off using coupon code “MARITZ”. At the conference, there will be a PeopleScience Table Talk panel session. We hope to see you at the Conference and at the networking party on June 6!

3 Behavioral Science Principles That Drive Recognition Results [Infographic] — Behavioral science is a hot topic these days, but it’s always been with us. Check out our infographic for three examples of how the science behind recognition has paid off for our clients.

What We’re Reading This Week:

Why You Need to Map the Employee Journey — The customer experience and the employee experience are inextricably linked, and you can improve both if you take the tactics you use to manage the customer experience and apply them to efforts to engage employees. This article outlines six steps you can take to map the employee journey.

How Good Employee Practices Feed into Great Customer Experiences — Topics discussed in this article include how different employees impact customers, tying employee engagement to customer brand loyalty, the importance of culture and the link between customer experience and financial outcomes.

Why Employee Happiness = Customer Happiness — To create a top-notch customer experience, companies should put their employees’ happiness first. In this article, Brian Hannon, chief commercial officer of Voxpro, discusses creating a strong company culture, amplifying employee purpose, and implementing a system of internal recognition.

Why Personalization is the Future of the Employee Experience From software to work locations, employees are increasingly choosing their own tools to complete work. Sean Nolan, CEO at Blink, discusses why companies need to prepare as workplace personalization becomes a larger trend.

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