This Week in Employee Engagement: June 8, 2018

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From CultureNext:

It Won’t Be Because of Me — What does almost-Apollo 13 astronaut Ken Mattingly have to do with employee engagement? It concerns a lesson about commitment he learned from looking over someone’s shoulder. Read this blog post to find out more.

Carnival Explains the True Meaning of PartnershipWatch our video to hear David Klein, director of talent, learning and organizational development for Carnival, describe what a difference having a partnership with Maritz has made to the lives of his employees.

What We’re Reading This Week:

How to Evolve Your Work Culture to Embrace Digital Transformation — Through behavior-based strategies and clearly defined business goals, organizations can influence true digital transformation across every level of the organization. Discover how The Hershey Company, a 123-year-old Fortune 500 company, began its digital transformation and cultural revolution.

Digitization of the Employee Experience — Watch this webinar recording and hear panelists from Walmart, PepsiCo and Liberty Global discuss what workforce changes they’ve seen take place in their organizations, future changes they see coming that will affect their workforce, what they’re doing to adapt to these changes and more.

How to Improve Civility in Your Organization (e-book) — There are a number of reasons bad behavior is on the rise, and if left untreated, the costs can be high. Find out some of the common cures in this e-Book by the Brandon Hall Group and SkillSurvey.

Why Employee Recognition Needs to Go Beyond the One-on-One — Receiving and giving recognition is essential to motivating a workforce. Yet the existing ways we provide feedback often lack meaningful recognition. Learn why a simple paycheck just isn’t enough motivation for most people.

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