This Week in Employee Engagement: June 30, 2017

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What We’re Reading This Week:

Engaging Disengaged Leaders is Critical to Employee EngagementOne in five actively disengaged employees say they do not find their work or their leader motivating. Leaders can certainly set the tone of their workplace and transform the way employees experience culture. While disengagement is pervasive, Raconteur highlights the importance of engaged leaders at work to see improved engagement overall.

Motivating Employees Isn’t About Carrots or Sticks — This article from Harvard Business Review discusses some of the “old tricks” of motivation and how they have become subpar to motivating employees who want to take ownership of their careers, experience fulfillment from their work, and who want personalized recognition for their unique contributions from leaders.

4 Things the Most Respected Leaders Do for Their Teams — Respect, listening, trust — these are qualities most people would list as things they appreciate about leaders they have respected in their careers. But like most things, good leadership is much easier said, than done. Check out this article on Inc. for a reminder of what people respect most about the leaders in their lives.

How to Grow Your Company Without Losing Its Culture —  For SMBs, improving engagement and maintaining culture is most challenging during times of growth. Meghan M. Biro writes about how staying true to culture roots requires conscious choices on behalf of leadership at Talent Culture.

From CultureNext:

Maritz Community Impact Report: Proof of Positive Culture — Our first Community Impact Report is based on seven categories Maritz employees work hard to impact each year, including: Education, Environment, Workplace Wellness, and more. Maritz employees work together each year toward a better internal and external community in their work through partnerships with more than 300 organizations. To learn more about the impact our team here at Maritz has had on our community, check out this post and the full report.

ICYMI — What to Expect From New Generation Z Workers: In the Eyes of a Gen Z — Within a decade, Generation Z is estimated to make up 1 in 5 workers. This generation is just entering the workforce and, like each generation before them, share qualities in terms of what they expect from work.

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