This Week in Employee Engagement: June 2, 2018

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From CultureNext:

Treat the Cause of Disengaged Employees, Not the Symptom — Companies like Amazon are receiving praise for employing an unorthodox method of dealing with employee disengagement. Shrewd maneuver, or too clever by half? Call us old-fashioned, but as a company dedicated to making the world a better place to work, we believe it’s better to prevent employees from getting disengaged in the first place.

Carnival Explains the True Meaning of PartnershipWatch our video to hear David Klein, director of talent, learning and organizational development for Carnival, describe what a difference having a partnership with Maritz has made to the lives of his employees.

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What We’re Reading This Week:

New Research Provides a Glimpse Into the Future of WorkBraidio, an online and mobile-enabled social learning platform, has released the findings from its first-ever survey on the future of work. The survey exposed the realities of American office workers’ preferences for methods of learning, technologies they think will have the greatest impact in the next five years and their preferences in collaborating with others.

Why Many Leaders Don’t Understand That Employee Engagement Drives Revenue Growth —  Which stakeholder group should leaders focus on first: customers, employees or investors? This interview with several prominent business leaders shows us what they think of employee engagement, many believing that if you focus on employee engagement, employees will take care of everything else — producing the energy, drive and solutions necessary to delight customers and keep investors happy.

Behavioral Economics Optimizing Employee Engagement — Behavioral economics explores complex human nature and provides valuable insights in developing effective rewards, recognition, engagement and retention programs that evoke the desired change in people.

The Customer Journey Begins – and Sometimes Ends – With Your Employees —  Engaged employees develop stronger relationships with customers, leading to a better customer experience, which, in turn, results in more sales and higher profits.

Human Relationships are Ultimately the On-Ramp for Everything Good — Watch this wonderfully inspiring 7-minute TED Talk from Rita Pierson. While she talks about education, you can easily see how her reminders are fully applicable to our lives at work.

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