This Week in Employee Engagement: July 2, 2018

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From CultureNext:

IRF Value Study Examines ROI for Incentives ProgramsWe’ve already looked at the first half of Award Program Value & Evidence, a new study by the Incentive Research Foundation. Here, we examine how businesses are measuring the success of their incentive programs, and not only in terms of black-and-white financial benefits.

Why Community Service Programs? Why Not? — In case you missed it, Maritz EX VP Chris Dornfeld discusses lessons learned from long experience with employee community service programs in his recent blog post. “They’re the right thing, because helping people is a self-evident good,” he says. “But they’re also the right thing for your employees, your company and the community.”

Answers to Your Employee Experience Monitoring Questions — If you haven’t learned about MaritzCX EX Monitoring Suite yet, now is the time. It offers opportunities to engage employees in organizational improvements and inform specific processes that regularly impact the entire workforce. Learn how monitoring the employee experience can create an environment of continuous listening.

What We’re Reading This Week:

Is Your Culture Your Brand? — Author and brand-building expert Denise Lee Yohn explains how companies of any size can achieve success if leaders follow the right steps towards integrating their brand with their culture. One strategy is to ignite the transformation through employee-brand engagement —not just general employee engagement, but really engaging employees with your brand.

Employee Experience Reimagined — Delivering differentiated and satisfying customer experiences (CX) can lead to a boost in loyalty, market share and revenue. Imagine what a similar focus on the employee experience (EX) could mean for business.

The One Thing Employees Value More Than Money, According to LinkedIn — When it comes to landing a dream job, it’s easy to assume that prospective employees are most concerned with snagging a top-notch salary. But LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Culture Trends report found that an entirely different aspect reigns supreme: the company’s mission.

Want to Create a Better Employee Experience? Understand and Embrace the ComplexityThe employee experience (EX) is important because it’s an effective way to embrace the complexities of life, provide purpose, meaning of work and prioritize moments that matter to help your people and organization thrive.

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