This Week in Employee Engagement: April 8, 2017

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What We’re Reading This Week:

Why Some Companies are Ditching the Office Altogether — Ditching the office for a fully remote workplace has its perks and its challenges. This article discusses the benefits — personal flexibility and autonomy, reduced overhead, etc. — and the difficulties — lower engagement, can lead to isolating employee experiences — of trading in the office for full-time remote work for all employees.

Employees at Home: Less Engaged — The new Gallup State of the American Workplace report this year holds employees who work remotely 100 percent of the time are among the least engaged. However, the study also found fully remote workers are more likely to feel fully equipped to do their work, to understand the expectations of their role, and to say they are provided opportunities to do their best work every day.

Meaningful Work Should Not Be a Privilege of the Elite — Everyone wants to know their work matters. As today’s workforce prepares to meet the challenges of increased automation, the link between people and the problems we solve — the significance of our work —  will become more important than ever. This article from Harvard Business Review makes the case that problem-solving is the key.

From CultureNext:

CXFusion: Delivering One Customer Experience — April 10-12, CXFusion will bring 600+ practitioners and business leaders together to discuss how to deliver a unified customer experience. Read more about how to inspire a sales and service culture through a commitment to employee engagement and satisfaction on the CX Cafe blog — an introduction to one CultureNext CXFusion session of several on April 12. Check out the agenda for more information on what we’ll be learning this year!

Culture Corner: Julie’s Days of Caring Project — We’re proud of our award-winning culture here at Maritz. This week, learn more about how Maritz facilitates giving back to our community and how Julie fared in her Days of Caring challenge.

A Global Employee Engagement Model Fit for the Hospitality Sector — Discover a crowdsourced, flexible, and global model for addressing engagement in this EE Model from Maritz Institute, EE Awards and CultureNext. This article specifically relates the model to the hospitality sector, but the insights shared have universal applicability.

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