The week in employee engagement – August 28, 2018

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From Maritz Employee Experience: 

IRF: Transparent Corporate Culture Now an Imperative — Earlier this year, the Incentive Research Foundation released its annual trends report, including plenty of pertinent and interesting information. Among the 10 trends with implications for incentive travel and reward and recognition programs were two of particular note: the necessity for a brand-asset culture, and to no one’s surprise, the emergence of AI and predictive analytics. You might also like Jeff Beckner’s article on the IRF Incentives Study and this article.

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What We’re Learning This week:     

Lead From the Heart Podcast — Listen to Gallup’s chief scientist and bestselling author Jim Harter discuss why employee engagement and caring cultures differentiate thriving organizations. If you enjoy that, hop over to YouTube to watch Harter’s TEDx Talk, which explores the critical elements of wellness and happiness.  

7 Tips to Engage C-Suite Executives — Whether you’re trying to influence your manager’s choice in HR technology or making a formal presentation, this article will teach you what it takes to gain buy-in at the executive level.  

Coach Your Team’s Strengths To Improve Employee Engagement — Actively disengaged employees cost the United States $450 – $550 billion per year, according to Gallup’s research. This article from SHRM discusses best practices to maximize employee engagement. Managers are not the only ones who influence employee engagement. Organizations as a whole, through both their policies and executive leadership, can also have a significant effect. 

3 Organizational Culture Mistakes to Avoid During an M&A — Business performance—and therefore merger and acquisition success—hinges on people. It’s your people who transform ideas into action and generate results, and i’s your people who fuel the genius of invention. And ultimately, your employees make a merger or acquisition valuable. Let’s learn how do you foster a positive, productive work environment before, during and after an M&A.

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