Locally World Famous

Recently I saw a billboard that caught my eye. The billboard is for a Halloween store and the headline reads “Locally World Famous.” Hmm…what does that even mean? It definitely caused me to pause and consider the meaning behind it and the implication.

We know that technology and the rise of globalization are factors affecting the changing world we live in. With the advent of the internet and now with advanced tools and social media applications, we can connect quickly and easily with people all around the world. We can message or video chat with minimum effort. Never before has a global population been so connected.

However, as globalization continues to progress, there’s another phenomenon taking place — the rise of the local community. People are connected virtually with others continents away, while, on the other hand, missing the connection they once had with local community. New networks, groups and business are being formed to fill this void.

The need for  community has been around since the dawn of man. In Prehistoric times, we know that men lived in Cely or tribes. Human beings are social creatures and we long to form bonds with people.  We strive to create social interactions with people and connect on common interests and causes.

Why would local communities be important when we can now reach farther than ever to find people? In our local communities, we have nuances that make us different. Unique. We have specific things that draw us together — rallying around a sports team, working together on a local project, or congregating to celebrate a community hero.

When engaging and recognizing employees around the world, it’s important to design programs that align to the values of the organization and contribute to the overarching culture. It’s also essential to understand what is meaningful and motivating to your employees. Having one central program applied globally may work well. However, you may want to consider options for adding programs that appeal to communities and take into account local customs and values. Offering the ability and flexibility for localized recognition may engage your employees on a deeper level.

While I’m still unsure exactly what it means to be “locally world famous, ” I do know that in today’s global society, we must not forget to consider our local communities.

What are you doing to ensure your employee engagement programs connect on a local level? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below.

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