This Week in Employee Engagement: January 12, 2018

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What We’re Reading This Week:

Embracing Generation Flux — By 2020, Millennials will represent half of the global workforce. “Generation Flux” emerged as a psychographic “middle” between Generation X and Millennials (we also covered this topic in “Motivating the Workforce of 2020: What the Five Generations Want and Need at Work”). In this article from Incentive Magazine, learn what Generation Flux brings to the table and how they can be effectively motivated on the job.

How to Heal a Dysfunctional Company Culture with Emotionally Connected Leadership — There are few things more exciting than being appointed to a leadership role with a new organization. But what can a newly-appointed leader do if they inherit a dysfunctional company culture? In this article in Forbes, get ideas for how emotionally connected leadership can drive the healing of culture with real-world corporate examples.

The Cognitive Employee: How to Build a Workforce That Drives Itself — As leaders learn to navigate the future of work, Meghan M. Biro reminds to encourage the workforce to own their own development. “Give them the data and the knowledge they need to make decisions and grow their abilities and sense of context. Let them truly own their success. For as long as you can, let them drive.”

Why People Really Quit Their Jobs — People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. How many times have we heard this phrase? However, far from simple personality clashes, this article in Harvard Business Review goes a long way to explain how managers can specifically fail to develop talent and design meaningful work within the organization.


From CultureNext:

Why Your Guests Return and Why They Don’t: Your Employees — The stakes have been raised for delivering standout customer service experiences. Organizations aiming to deliver exceptional experiences rely on employees to do so. In this article, we discuss hospitality’s particular employee engagement challenges, a framework for addressing them, and why asking employees to treat customers better than they are treated themselves is not a plan for success.

ICYMI! Setting SMART Employee Engagement Goals for 2018 — New year, new goals! Will 2018 be the year your organization improves employee engagement? SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound — all qualities personal and professional resolutions benefit from, but that can be make-or-break for reaching organizational milestones.

ICYMI! Motivating Employees to Improve Customer Service — Employee engagement can have a profound impact on the customer experience, especially in hospitality. In this article in Lodging Magazine, read about our work with Caesars Entertainment, where the highest overall CSAT scores in the company’s history keep rising year-over-year as a result of a comprehensive program to engage employees.


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