How to Get the Most Out of Onboarding and Reboarding

Onboarding programs are no longer looked at as a perk to a new hire, but rather an expectation. As employees come and go, the need for strategic onboarding is more prevalent than ever and companies are beginning to invest in more advanced programs for their new hires. Here are some tips on creating an innovative and unique onboarding program that appeals to each and every new employee:

Enhance the enthusiasm. One of the best ways for a company to increase the amount of time an employee stays with the company after being hired is by enhancing enthusiasm after a job is accepted. This can be executed by sending a simple “Welcome Aboard” gift to show that you are excited for your new hire to join the team.

Jump on board. Employees value when employers shorten the learning curve when hiring new people. This means spending as little time as possible training your new employees in order to get each new hire up to speed and productive quickly. Consider more “on-the-job” coaching as opposed to traditional training.

Communication is key. Another great way to boost the morale of your new hires is by promoting solid communication between managers and employees. This will not only prevent communication errors between upper and lower level employees, but it will also make the new hires feel as though their work is truly meaningful to their managers.

Set a clear path. Creating an environment where employees can define a clear direction that they want to go and then strive to see success within the company also encourages employees to invest in a company instead of switching jobs often.

Onboarding is crucial in creating a positive experience for your new employees, but why should only new hires get this opportunity within their company?

Unlike onboarding, reboarding is a newer HR trend that is gaining popularity. Reboarding is a program that is implemented in order to give long-term employees the same training that new hires get. Employees who have been in the company for a while can often feel like they aren’t up to date on the latest programs that their company is running. If you’re looking for an opportunity to engage your more tenured employees, consider setting up a reboarding program so they can feel just as relevant in the workplace as the new hires do.

Whether you’re tweaking your current onboarding program to fit the needs of the incoming employees or implementing a reboarding program from scratch, providing your employees with the chance to acclimate to the ever-changing workplace will lower new hire turnover and ensure a positive work culture.

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