This Week in Employee Engagement: August 12, 2017

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What We’re Reading This Week:

When Employees Think the Boss is Unfair, They’re More Likely to Disengage and Leave — New research published on Harvard Business Review backs an old adage: People don’t leave companies, they leave managers. Employee perception of managers plays a huge role in how employees feel about their jobs, how committed they are to their work and how long they stay.

Seeing is Believing: Why Physical Workspaces Should Reflect Corporate Culture — This article from SHRM highlights the need for a workspace that reflects the organization’s needs for individual/team space and allows for personalization.

Why Workplace Diversity is Everyone’s Business — A recent report found 26 percent of small and medium-sized businesses have no plans to make workforce diversity a priority within the next 12 months. This article from HR Zone discusses the business case for diversity and why a culture of inclusion is everyone’s concern.

From CultureNext:

What’s Your Organization’s Engagement Potential? — By now, it is well-accepted that employee engagement is a Key Performance Indicator of thriving organizations. Yet, global engagement remains at an alarming low and costs employers billions of dollars per year. Maritz Motivation Solutions is proud to announce the new Engagement Potential Index (EPI) — a new and innovative assessment for leaders to understand how their culture is wired to boost engagement and to compare their potential against industry benchmarks.  

Webinar On Demand: Employee Engagement and Recognition Insights You Need to Know — In this recorded 30-minute webinar, Chris Winkelspecht, Director of Strategic Services for CultureNext at Maritz Motivation Solutions, shares: Key takeaways from our Employee Engagement & Recognition Benchmark Study, how to use these benchmarks to gauge the success of your program(s), and tips on improving your engagement strategy and recognition initiatives.

Webinar: Behavioral Insights in Recognition — Join Maritz chief behavioral officer Charlotte Blank on this webinar with Recognition Professionals International (RPI) to learn how taking a scientific approach to recognition can enhance employee engagement in the workplace. Register today for this comprehensive webinar on Aug. 17 at 1 p.m. Eastern.

ICYMI: Please Join Us in Welcoming the New President of MMS: Drew Carter Maritz Motivation Solutions recently announced the appointment of Drew Carter as President. If you missed it, please read the press release here for more information.

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