This week in employee engagement: September 5, 2018   

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From Maritz Employee Experience: 

Is Worker Confidence on the Rise? — Worker confidence increased a bit in the last quarter of 2017, according to a recent annual study. The Worker Confidence Index (WCI) measures U.S. employment security from the perspective of the employees themselves, based on approximately 3,000 interviews. The report provides a number of detailed findings that are of interest to HR professionals.  

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From the Web:  

If You’re Serious About CX You Must Understand Employee Emotions — Great customer experiences start with great employee experiences. In this post on The HRX, the link between CX and EX is analyzed. Organizations must understand the interplay between the rational and emotional needs of employees, because it ultimately affects business performance.  

What a Rubik’s Cube Can Teach Us About Employee Engagement — Employee engagement is a lot like a Rubik’s Cube: You’ll never solve it or build it if you don’t have a fundamental understanding—both qualitatively and quantitatively—of what drives, motivates, inspires and engages your employees.  

How Your Organization Can Champion Diversity and Inclusion — Companies that champion diversity and inclusion create a welcoming and open environment that showcases respect and appreciation for all employees and for people in general. To build diversity in your organization, define what it means and what it looks like, then tie the program to something meaningful. When employees feel welcome at your organization, everyone wins. 

3 Organizational Culture Mistakes to Avoid During an M&A — Regardless of a merger’s purpose, it’s critical to keep one thing in mind: Business performance—and therefore M&A success—hinges on people. This article is a lesson on how an organization can foster a positive, productive work environment before, during and after an M&A.  


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