Webinar On Demand: Employee Engagement and Recognition Insights You Need to Know

Almost 90 percent of organizations have employee engagement or recognition programs in place, yet global disengagement remains high. How can leaders move from having programs in place to ensuring their effectiveness and measuring results?

At the start of July, CultureNext released our Employee Engagement and Recognition Benchmark Study — a new research study of organizations that employ more than 1,000 people and where leaders invest in employee recognition programs.

The study revealed that 81 percent of HR respondents felt their programs were at least moderately effective in impacting employee engagement, along with a number of new insights relevant for HR and organizational leaders.

We hosted a live webinar where Chris Winkelspecht, Director of Strategic Services for CultureNext at Maritz Motivation Solutions, shared:

  • Key takeaways from our Employee Engagement & Recognition Benchmark Study
  • How to use these benchmarks to gauge the success of your programs
  • Tips on improving your engagement strategy and recognition initiatives

Register to watch the full 30-minute webinar on new research in employee recognition and engagement. You don’t want to miss these key insights! 

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