Does Your Company Culture Deserve Recognition?

Maritz Motivation Solutions is proud to be a headline sponsor of the Annual Employee Engagement Awards and Conference! This year’s North American EE Awards will take place in Chicago, Illinois on June 7, 2018.

Has your organization been addressing engagement and culture? Don’t miss your chance to be recognized in this year’s EE Awards! The entry deadline is approaching fast — April 13 is the final day to enter your organization for consideration.

The Employee Engagement Awards is “the first and only global, dedicated Employee Engagement Awards & Conference” and this will be the fourth annual event in North America.

There are several benefits to your organization for entering the 2018 EE Awards:

  • If your organization is investing in people, the 2018 EE Awards can be a showcase of that investment and priority of a human-centered workplace.
  • The EE Awards offer a unique opportunity to showcase your work and learn from industry thought-leaders how the work of engagement gets done.
  • Reward the team within your organization that makes your employee engagement program(s) work.
  • Become a more attractive employer building a reputation for cultivating a rewarding, purpose-driven environment for employees.

Don’t miss your opportunity to enter the 2018 Employee Engagement Awards! The entry deadline is April 13, 2018 and the website holds lots of helpful information, like entry guidelines, recommendations and eligibility criteria.

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