Culture Corner: Sawyer’s Red Cross Volunteer Day

Sawyer Klahs started his journey at Maritz Motivation Solutions as an intern in the summer of 2015, working as a Technical Project Manager for the Customer Loyalty department. He has since been hired on as a full time Software Developer within the Customer Loyalty group. Sawyer graduated from Webster University with a Major in Computer Science and minors in both Web Development and Leadership.

Maritz encourages employees to take up to 12 hours of paid time off each year to volunteer for one of 300+ partner organizations. Sawyer had always wanted to volunteer for the American Red Cross, and with the recent flooding that hit Missouri, he finally decided to use his paid time off to do so. “With the recent flooding, which impacted so many people in my community of Arnold, I felt inclined to contribute in some way,” Klahs said.

Sawyer enjoyed most people he met and the genuine gratitude that many of the people portrayed when he and the other volunteers were helping. When asked how he felt about the experience of taking time off to volunteer, his response was “I wholeheartedly believe that all Maritz employees should take advantage of this great opportunity provided. Not only can volunteering be a personally enriching experience, it also is a great way to represent Maritz as a positive part of the community.”

We’re proud of Sawyer and his dedication to serving his community when in need! He truly is a great example of the strong leadership and culture that exists everyday throughout Maritz.


Pictured: Sawyer Klahs with American Red Cross Disaster Relief Leader 

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