Culture Corner: Julie’s Commitment to Giving Back

Julie Gallo has truly worked her way throughout Maritz. After starting out as a coordinator, Julie has since received multiple promotions throughout her time spent with the company. Today, she is a Project Manager II in the Financial/Hospitality sector and will happily celebrate an amazing 30 years at Maritz this November.

culture cornerJulie is another terrific example of the great things that can be accomplished when Maritz employees take advantage of the 12 hours of paid time off given each year to volunteer for one of over 300 partner organizations. Julie chose to devote her 12 hours of volunteer time to the Patrick Henry Downtown Academy. Maritz supports Patrick Henry Downtown Academy through the We Learn Together program. Volunteering and giving back has always been important to Julie and she truly enjoys helping others, especially children. “I didn’t know what we would be doing but our task was to help build a new library for the kids to enjoy their surroundings and hopefully get them interested in reading books for fun and to learn”, Gallo said.

Spending the day helping paint the mural on the wall was a fun task, but overall there wasn’t a part of her day that wasn’t enjoyable. Julie shared that her favorite part was being able to stand back and look at everything that everyone accomplished at the end of the day. “The room looked amazing”, she said.

In the past, Julie has used Maritz time off to volunteer in whatever capacity possible; she has gotten involved with local food banks, children’s learning centers or working with senior assistance programs. She recommends United Way agencies or Rebuilding Together for anyone looking for a great place to volunteer. When asked if everyone should take the time off given by Maritz to volunteer, Julie said, “Yes I would recommend it to everyone.  It’s a great experience to give back to your community and there are so many ways that someone can volunteer.  You get a sense of joy when you help others.  You can put a smile on someone’s face and change their whole outlook for that day”.

We congratulate Julie on a successful 30 years with Maritz and we’re so proud of the passion she has towards volunteering and finding joy through helping others. She exudes the Maritz spirit of positive culture and a commitment to giving back to the community.

Check out the 2016 Maritz Community Impact Study to learn more about the many other ways Maritz has given back the community.



  • Ginny says:

    Julie is awesome! She is a very caring and giving person and I am proud to be a co-worker.

  • Dennis Hummel says:

    Well done, Julie! It truly is wonderful to see so many of our employees take time to get personally involved in the community. Thanks to you, Julie, for being such a great role model for the rest of us.

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