This Week in Employee Engagement: April 13, 2018

Two weeks ago, we celebrated the first anniversary of This Week in Employee Engagement — our weekly roundup series to help you stay connected to the often overwhelming landscape of employee engagement thought leadership.


What We’re Reading This Week:

The CEO’s Leadership Role in Optimizing Employee WellbeingThe most successful CEOs understand the connection between employee satisfaction and customer service — and support the culture that improves employee engagement in the process. In this article from SmartBrief, learn how organizational leadership can support employee wellbeing to improve service.

3 Ways to Motivate a Remote Workforce — The future of work includes a rapidly-changing gig economy, remote workforce and changing generations. The work of motivating the multigenerational, distributed and contract team is challenging, but Incentive Magazine offers some tips to get started, including leveraging gamification, supporting time off and celebrating success.

The Fairness Factor in Performance Management — In a recent survey, respondents said they had made at least one major change to performance-management systems in the previous 18 months. Learn more about how organizations are leveraging “forced curve” ranking systems, retooling compensation and looking to data to understand what truly drives motivation and performance.

Want Radical Innovation? Make Sure Your Team Feels Safe and Connected — In this article, learn why supporting self-organizations, intuition backed by analysis, a “minimum viable product” launch mindset, and collective intelligence are the keys to supporting radical innovation in your organization.


From CultureNext:

Celebrating The #Engagement101The Employee Engagement Awards recently released the 2018 #Engagement101 list of top influencers and experts. Take some time to follow and connect with the movers and shakers in employee engagement this year, then nominate who you think deserves to be included in the 2019 #Engagement101.

Maritz Launches Online Behavioral Science Forum — Last week, we introduced you to PeopleScience, the newest member of the Maritz family. Now, you can learn more about what will be happening in this new forum for behavioral science from Incentive Magazine.

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