5 Tips for First-Time HR Tech Attendees

If this will be your first time attending the annual HR Technology Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, you are in for a treat. The conference can be daunting with thousands of attendees, hundreds of exhibitors, and days of game-changing conference content; however, planning ahead and knowing what you’re signing up for will be key to a successful show experience.

Check out these five tips for first-time HR Tech attendees to make the most of your time at HR Tech:

No. 1 — Network, Network, Network

With thousands of tech-minded HR professionals sharing the showroom floor and conference track, the annual HR Technology Conference & Expo provides unmatched opportunities to network. While it can certainly be more difficult for some to put themselves “out there,” HR Tech offers myriad opportunities for introverts and extroverts from parties to shared meals, sessions and workshops. You never know how those relationships can change the way you work. Think about challenges you may be facing at work, opportunities that spark engagement with your work, and be open to considering new ideas.

Insider Tip: If the thought of talking to a stranger makes you queasy, consider setting a reasonable daily goal for yourself. Example: Meet ten new people every day and have one real conversation with a stranger.

No. 2 — Walk the Expo Floor

In our personal lives, we may avoid sales-y scenarios because of the pressure, but at the annual HR Technology Conference & Expo — the expo is half the fun. With hundreds of vendors, the showroom floor can be a place for entertainment, education and engagement.

Insider Tip: Consider your pain points on the platforms you’re currently using in the days leading up to the show, as you’re using the technology. Be willing to share those challenges with vendors and attendees alike to find unique solutions you may not have considered.

No. 3 — Let’s Get Digital, Digital

Don’t miss the conversation on social media using the hashtag #HRTechConf to connect with other attendees, get the highlights of sessions you may have missed, and find out where the buzz is at the show.

Insider Tip: Check in to the hashtag on your platform of choice to find attendees and vendors to connect with before the show. Find something or someone interesting? Engage on social media and translate that into your experience at the show — you can make a new friend, find a new tool, or plan your agenda around what others are sharing.

No. 4 — Don’t Overdo It

Between the daily 5K+ of walking the expansive conference, expo hall and surrounding area, the draw of Vegas nightlife and the glitzy HR Tech party scene, it can be easy to extend yourself past your limits — physical, mental, and emotional. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes, have fun and cut loose — but don’t miss the morning’s events and sessions!

Insider Tip: Be mindful of your physical and mental condition and take breaks if and when you need them. Find a way to get away for a few minutes to explore, take a peaceful walk alone in the morning, or FaceTime with your loved ones when you need a moment to recalibrate.

No. 5 — Don’t Skip the Pre-Conference: Women in HR Technology

If you have a premium pass to the Conference & Expo, don’t miss the pre-conference Tuesday, Oct. 10: Women in HR Technology. The pre-conference will focus on challenges and opportunities for women in the industry, how HR technology can foster more inclusive workplaces, and tangible benefits of women investing in women in the space.

Insider Tip: Presentations begin at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, so fly in Monday evening to make the most of your conference experience!

Hopefully these tips will help you prepare for HR Tech and ensure its a successful experience. While your there, be sure to stop by the CultureNext booth #2238 and say hello!

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