5 Last-Minute Ideas to Celebrate Thanksgiving at Work

Your turkey is defrosting, plans are cooking, and there may even be holiday music playing at home already! If you’ve caught the holiday spirit and want to share in some last-minute festivities with your team, here are a few ideas for extra office celebrations that can be pulled off with little planning.


5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Office:

No. 1 — Swap Recipes in a Group Chat or Email Thread: Without creating overwhelming communication for your team, invite them to share their favorite recipe for the holidays with one another in an internal thread. Those still looking for last-minute recipe ideas to make for the holidays will appreciate having new, team-tested recipes to try!

No. 2 — Give Back as a Group: There’s still time to arrange late opportunities to  give back as a group — even if you’re only announcing an opportunity that will take place after the Thanksgiving holiday. Consider that employees will likely be surrounded by loved ones for the holidays — and may enjoy the opportunity to discuss volunteer opportunities at work with their friends and family.

No. 3 — Write Handwritten Thank You Notes: A handwritten thank you note can go a long way to make someone feel appreciated. While it may feel dated and classic, there’s a reason some tactics have stood the test of time — because they make a difference. Get ideas on how to write effective thank you notes to your team or co-workers, find some nice stationery, practice your penmanship and get to writing!

No. 4 — Give Your Team Time: Even releasing employees an hour or two early on the last day of work before Thanksgiving vacation can brighten the start of a holiday weekend or day off. If you have the ability and the work won’t suffer for it — consider letting “holidazed” employees out of work a little early to kickstart their holiday time with family and friends.

No. 5 — Host a leftover potluck: Thanksgiving leftovers can overwhelm even an empty freezer for anyone hosting the holiday in their home. Invite your team to bring in leftover dishes and share in a lunch feast together on Monday, with opportunities to recap newly-made, special holiday memories together.


There are many ways to show your team you are grateful for the work they put in all year round, but not much time left to plan. What are you doing to foster a culture of appreciation within your team?


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