5 Last-Minute Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!  This unofficial holiday offers employers an opportunity to recognize and reward their teams with a special celebration of their contributions. If this year’s Employee Appreciation Day snuck up on you, that’s okay! There are still a few things you can do to make sure your team feels seen and recognized.


Lunch Break!

Celebrate on-site with lunch for your team or organization to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day! Your team will get time to recuperate and bond with one another over a shared meal. Be sure to consider your team’s dietary restrictions and considerations to be sure your team’s lunch celebration isn’t spoiled by excluding anyone from participating.

Take Off Early

Encourage your team to head home early for the day to show your appreciation of the time and effort they’ve been putting in lately. Foster work-life balance with the idea that sometimes work can wait. If some employees are hindered by later meetings or full workloads, give them the opportunity to rain-check their early day for a day when their schedules are more conducive so no one is left out.


Invite employees to take time to share how their coworkers have gone above and beyond with a little “circle time” and public celebration of employee appreciation. Encourage employees to consider recognizing someone that has not received appreciation yet before naming a coworker twice to make sure everyone gets to hear about their contributions throughout the activity.

Desk Drops

Leave a small gift and handwritten note on each member of your team’s desk for Employee Appreciation Day. Flowers and sweet treats can make an employee’s day without breaking the bank if you don’t have budget from the organization for a company-paid lunch or paid time off (PTO) for the last few hours of the day.

Input from Your Team

Ask your team what would make them feel most appreciated on Employee Appreciation Day. They may offer suggestions you can take into consideration for next week, next year’s celebration day, or ongoing throughout the year. Sending a free online survey can allow for anonymous feedback from your team so they feel comfortable sharing their ideas.


What are some of your favorite ideas for celebrating Employee Appreciation Day?

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