4 Ways to Give Back as a Team This Thanksgiving

‘Tis the season to give back — and for good reason. Giving back to our communities makes us feel good while bringing people together and can give teams a shared sense of purpose, driving culture with meaningful work. Your organization may have corporate responsibility and philanthropic programs in place, but managers can inspire teams to give a little extra for the holidays together in inspiring ways.

Looking for ideas? Look no further.

How to Give Back as a Team This Thanksgiving:

No. 1 — Give Paid Time Off to Give Back

Community food banks, soup kitchens, schools, nursing homes and hospitals all need extra hands around the holidays. Can you arrange a day or two of PTO for your team to choose an organization to volunteer for together? Contact a local charity and arrange a day for your team to come in together and work for what your community needs over the holidays. Perhaps your group can feed those in need, spend a day with local seniors playing games or doing activities, or sort clothing and donations together.

No. 2 — Organizing a Fundraising Night at a Local Restaurant

Many restaurants offer group fundraising opportunities. Your team can organize a “Teamsgiving” dinner for family and friends where a portion of the sales from the evening go toward your team’s chosen charity. If you don’t want to take time from your team in the evenings, you could also prepare an organization-wide pizza luncheon as a fundraiser, offering two slices for a $5 donation to a local non-profit. Be sure to coordinate directly with the charity to make sure you know what they need, when they need it, and how to conveniently (for them) contribute to their efforts.

No. 3 — Organize a Drive in the Office

A call to your local food bank, hospital or shelter can result in a list of items needed that your team can coordinate from within the organization. Set up a central location for a non-perishable food or clothing drive and spread the word about what is needed by email and fliers around the office. Be sure to coordinate logistics for drop-off and invite the team to join in delivering the goods!

No. 4 — Give Your Team Some Time Back

If your team is more family-oriented or seems like they could use a little extra time, consider giving back to your team for all they’ve contributed this year with half-days and extra PTO for the holidays. That extra time spent with loved ones will leave a lasting impression on your team. Work is important, but so is flexibility and work-life balance. It’s also important to remember that engagement, loyalty and discretionary effort all have a measurable impact on the bottom line — so while it may seem like the organization would “lose money” to give extra time off, giving employees time to recover and enjoy the holidays with their loved ones can actually boost the bottom line.

How will you and your team make a difference this Thanksgiving?

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