Webinar: The 2018 Loyalty Landscape – How Deep Does Loyalty Go?

The winds of change are sweeping over the loyalty landscape. How does this affect how customers are thinking and feeling about today’s loyalty programs?

We wanted to find out. Which is why we teamed up with The Wise Marketer to produce The 2018 Maritz | Wise Marketer Loyalty Landscape study. Our goal is to help you to better understand consumers’ perceptions of loyalty programs.

Our first report from this new study – From Transient to Resolute: How Deep Does Loyalty Go? – revealed new insights on the intensity of customer loyalty. But now we have more for you!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 9th at 1pm CST, we will be co-hosting a webinar with the Wise Marketer to expand on more topics from the study and answer any questions you might have on how consumers approach brand loyalty.

In this information-packed webinar, we will cover:

  • Consumers’ willingness to pay for loyalty programs, and what they expect in return for paying a fee.
  • How concerned consumers are about loyalty fraud, and most importantly, how it’s affecting their behavior and interaction with brands. 
  • The different ways consumers think about the loyalty reward experience
  • Why it’s important to differentiate between Resolute and Transient Loyalists – the idea behind propensity for loyalty.

You won’t want to miss this! I will be co-presenting with seasoned loyalty industry expert Aaron Dauphinee, COO of the Wise Marketer. Register here to join tomorrow’s webinar.

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