Channel Loyalty

Channel Loyalty |
| July 18, 2017

Happy Vets and Happy Pets: Bringing Customer Loyalty to B-to-B

There are programs designed to incent people to sell a product and others designed to create brand loyalty. Our partner Purina has a program that… Read More

Channel Loyalty |
| October 18, 2016

My Reward Story: Creating Moments that Matter

When designing and implementing reward programs, it’s easy to get caught up in the transactional – rational – elements of a program. We focus on… Read More

Channel Loyalty |
| June 17, 2016

Proud to be #TeamHondaCares

It’s one thing to know your company’s purpose and another thing to believe in it. At Maritz, we often say we create “Better Business, Better… Read More

Channel Loyalty |
| June 9, 2016

Designing True Loyalty

Our business is about people. We use data & insights to help our clients design personalized experiences for their participants, and when we do that,… Read More

Channel Loyalty |
| June 2, 2015

The Evolution of the Channel – 5 Keys to Capturing Rep Attention

Today we welcome Leslie Remenek as a guest blogger. Leslie is an Engagement Solutions Leader for Maritz Motivation Solutions. She is adept at helping clients… Read More