Kathy Randall

About Kathy Randall


Kathy loves to write and loves to tell stories, so it’s not a coincidence that she does it for a living. Sometimes, she’ll even sneak up on you with her Sony hand-held video camera rolling because she learned from her days in television news that seeing a story come alive on the screen can be powerful.

As Director of Communications, Kathy manages internal and external communication efforts. It’s her job to tell our story; who we are, what we do, and how we provide value to our clients, in a way that helps people learn, feel and maybe even take action.

Kathy joined Maritz Motivation Solutions from our sister company—Maritz Research, where she launched the SoundCheck blog. While she’s not an expert in loyalty, employee engagement, or sales/channel incentive programs, she IS a member of several loyalty programs, an employee in a company that has a very robust employee recognition program and a seasoned shopper of our reward catalogue.

Find out more about Kathy on LinkedIn or on twitter:@chattykathy315