The Employee
Monitoring Suite

Start a conversation that never ends

Your people are the lifeblood of your organization, so they can’t be taken for granted. It’s critically important to understand what they need and how they feel.

Right now, today.

The annual employee engagement survey is no longer enough. CultureNext takes a very different approach—one that combines behavior and data sciences, modern technology and action planning into a system of continual listening.

Utilizing technology developed by MaritzCX, the Employee Experience Monitoring Suite comprises three elements, designed to set benchmarks, maintain a continual event-based connection to your workforce, and provide your organization with the agility to identify and implement real-time engagement strategies and solutions.

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Employee Lifecycle Surveys

These eight pulse-like surveys allow you to collect feedback as specific events on the employee lifecycle occur. By surveying selected groups of employees more frequently, you’ll gain timely and relevant data for pinpointing short-cycle areas for improvement, adjusting your approaches and continually tracking the impact of your efforts.

  • Selection process
  • Onboarding
  • Acclimation check
  • Development support
  • Communication
  • Total rewards
  • Internal selection process
  • Exit survey

Fast Track Employee Engagement Survey

This annual assessment tool consists of 16 essential items, including eNPS measurement, demographics and benchmarking information. Notably, Fast Track asks employees what they expect of the business, and includes an automatic trigger to link highly engaged employees to workplace review sites.

  • 2 engagement indicators (eNPS)
  • 3 employee expectation measures
  • 10 engagement drivers (including vision, understanding, performance, support and recognition)
  • 1 resignation item

Engagement Potential Index™ Survey


The EPI is an organization-level assessment tool that provides an innovative overview of your current and potential levels of engagement, analyzing enablers and cultural factors against other organizations to set benchmarks for tracking progress over time.

Turn action plans into effective programs.

CultureNext program management technology puts action plans directly into program implementation. We help your organization prioritize the right HR initiatives such as recognition, performance and health programs by linking to identified engagement dimensions and drivers. Unlike traditional survey or recognition vendors, CultureNext can show you the impact of your program investments on your engagement measures, delivering powerful proof and ROI in minutes.

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