Culture Building

Create an amazing workplace.

Creating an amazing culture doesn't just happen. It takes purposeful strategies, commitment and effort. Even the best organizations need reinforcement to make the culture come to life.

We can help you build and sustain the culture you desire. Our strategic recognition and rewards programs engage your employees and help drive effective habits and behaviors.

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Engage people through program experiences.

Creating engagement is a strategic initiative that should be supported by engagement programs. But programs shouldn’t just be thought of as strictly programs — they are experiences that drive culture. Program experiences are business goals, rule structures and R3 [reinforcement, recognition & rewards] designed to align, focus and drive business results. They can help define meaningful work, foster relationships, create performance conversations, provide feedback, appreciate great work and ultimately connect people to purpose

A robust program portfolio — because one size doesn’t fit all.

  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Manager Discretionary
  • Service Anniversary
  • Ecard Recognition
  • Sales
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Wellbeing
  • Top Performer
  • On-the-Spot
  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Operational Excellence Goals

It’s time to get personal.

CultureNext is for companies who believe every employee has the potential to drive change. Our platform and programs empower individuals to grow personally and professionally, work creatively, form more valuable relationships, and take ownership of their company’s success.

Individual Profiles

Set personal preferences to tailor the platform experience

Recognition Preferences

Share how you prefer to be recognized and view preferences of others

Personal Network

Filter company-wide activity to include only your most meaningful connections

Recognition Engagement Score

See at a glance how your participants are engaging with the platform

The social life of recognition.

Humans are social creatures. Social tools baked into CultureNext help create broader engagement by tapping into the innate drive in all of us to form connections and create bonds with others.

Liking & Commenting

Your employees can share in the success and appreciation of others by liking recognitions and including their own words of praise


Elevate success by giving managers the opportunity to add points to recognitions

Worldwide Recognition Calendar

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and national recognition observances

Rewards as unique as your employees.

When your employees do exceptional work, they deserve exceptional rewards. We take pride in our rewards collection to ensure its full of the best brands and motivating options. Our robust collection of culturally relevant merchandise, gift cards, travel and experiences help reinforce behavior and drive program objectives.

Let’s build your culture…together.

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