Motivation is personal.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be simple.


Create a culture of engagement, inclusion and purpose.


Turn customers into enthusiastic, permanent brand advocates.


Spark passion and performance within your sales force.


Build more personal, profitable relationships with your representatives.


Create memorable reward experiences to shape behavior and inspire loyalty.

Maritz Motivation Solutions inspires people, teams and businesses to accomplish their most ambitious goals.

People are complex.

That’s what makes
motivating them fun.

We empower leading global companies to motivate and champion human achievement and connection. through forward thinking and next generation solutions.

Our solutions help people define and become their best selves.


instead of impose.

Create Lasting Joy

instead of a momentary spark.

Build Relationships

that are more rewarding, profitable, and enduring.

Discover our edge
Video   |   November 14, 2017

Our Clients Are Our Partners

Hear from our clients at HON, Honda, KeyBank and Purina about the value we provide to their business.

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Our clients are our partners.

We partner with companies that are ready to discover a better approach to motivation.

“We are consistently working toward understanding who our customers are and how we can better target them.” - Laura Quintero, a Southwest partnership marketing consultant

“It’s one of the best programs ever.”
— Amparo Aquilera, Caesars Entertainment

“Redemption is easy. Even combining two trips (Paris and London) went smoothly.”
— Steve Troth, Johns Manville

“Their goal is for our success, which is the most important thing, so we’re mutually successful!” – George Zurich, Konica Minolta

“I love using my points to buy things I want. It’s just so much fun perusing the online catalog.”
— Terryl Kaiser, KeyBank

Marriott Rewards has the industry’s most extensive offering of domestic and international guest loyalty rewards.