Employee Experience

Know your organization’s pulse.

People are the life blood of your organization. It’s more important than ever to understand what they need and how they feel.

Simply modifying the annual employee engagement survey to meet changing needs is no longer enough. CultureNext uses a very different approach – one that combines behavioral & data sciences, modern technology, action planning, implements programs and shows the impact of programs on engagement measures.

A full circle approach to measuring, monitoring and managing your culture.

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Feedback as it happens.

CultureNext gathers powerful data in real time…where people work and how they want to connect. Confidential pulse checks gather important mood and sentiment in minutes. Connected together, pulse data can form a vital listening program that keeps you deeply connected to your people.

Focus on issues at the heart of your organization.

  • The right analysis comes from asking the right questions.
  • Select from our library of research-backed surveys across the seven dimensions of engagement developed by our organizational psychologists and data scientists.
  • Uncover honest feedback and on-point, measurable results.
  • Use surveys off the shelf or tailor them to your needs to uncover the deepest insights about how people feel about your workplace.

Transform feedback into a data-driven employee engagement strategy.

Spend less time running reports and more time acting.

Create targeted action plans based on identified priorities and drivers of employee engagement supported by workflows that include automatic notifications, reminders and approval checks.

Align and unify your practices, processes, people and culture by focusing on your most pressing engagement opportunities.

Turn action plans into effective programs.

CultureNext program management technology puts action plans directly into program implementation. We help your organization prioritize the right HR initiatives such as recognition, performance and health programs by linking to identified engagement dimensions and drivers. Unlike traditional survey or recognition vendors, CultureNext can show you the impact of your program investments on your engagement measures, delivering powerful proof and ROI in minutes.

Are you ready to start monitoring the heartbeat of your organization?

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