To Move People, You Have To Understand Them

Maritz Motivation Solutions believes that organizations need to rethink their approach to motivation initiatives. A fundamental shift must be made in how they view employees, customers and business partners. They must be seen as people first. And they must know who they are, what they want and how they make choices. Only then can organizations create programs that truly move people.

That’s why we’ve partnered with The Maritz Institute to create a new approach to motivation. One that is firmly grounded in behavior theory and informed by the latest human science discoveries. Together we’ve created a framework for motivation initiative design that consists of four pillars. And while each pillar serves a distinct function, when they work in unison they can create an experience that delivers benefit to both the participant and the organization.

You’d think it would be easy – offer rewards and recognition for top-notch performance, and business results will follow. Truth is, it’s just not that simple.
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White Paper: The Four Pillars That Support Effective Motivation Initiatives

Discover our framework for improving the design of motivation initiatives based on human behavior theory and the latest human science discoveries.


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Video: The Four Pillars of Motivation

Michelle Pokorny shares four core elements that serve as a framework for effective recognition, performance improvement and loyalty programs.

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Video: Konica Minolta Client Testimonial

Hear what our client had to say about driving results through our design approach.

The Four-Drive Model
Maritz uses Four-Drive Theory as the first and most important design lens when building strategies for each of the four pillars: attention, goal commitment, feedback and rewards. This approach ensures that the latest scientific understanding is combined with the expertise-driven art of motivation initiative design.

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The Maritz Institute
See how the latest in human science discovery from The Maritz Institute is bringing a deeper understanding of people to the design of our client programs.

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